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SuperGourd Testimonials

"Your SuperGourds are truly SUPER! I've had one pair of Purple Martins each year for the past 5 years. This year I put of 12 SuperGourds and ended up with 10 pairs! I still have the houses. They land on them, but that's all. I've since ordered 10 more SuperGourds."
Donald Smith, Greenwood, IN

“I tried for 3 years to attract martins to my home with no luck. I had mostly aluminum and wooden housing in the air for them to inhabit. I finally gave in and ordered 16 SuperGourds. Boy did I make the right move! They just flew down from the sky and were here to stay. Atlast count, I had around 28 birds total.”
Allen D. Hiott, Belton, SC

”SuperGourds are roomy, low maintenance, hardy, easily accessible for cleaning nests out, pretty, and my martins (and Tree Swallows) love them! I have 15 SuperGourds.”
Pamela Kunze, Hutchinson, MN

"My colony is 37 years old and has always nested in wooden and aluminum houses. This year I hung 8 SuperGourds beneath my houses and I am happy to report all 8 are now occupied. I was so pleased with the acceptance of the SuperGourds by the martins that I hung 8 more. Eventually, I hope to convert all of my housing to SuperGourds. They are just so much easier to maintain. SuperGourds are an excellent product.”
Bob Bozeman, Longstreet, LA

"I have had great luck with SuperGourds!! My martins love the new porches. I highly recommend this quality gourd to any martin enthusiast!!”
Brian Thays, Montello, WI

"Thanks for a very high-quality gourd and exceptional service!”
James Dickerson, Louisburg, NC

“Thank you for the great service. I ordered on Wednesday and already have the gourds this morning [Friday]. I’ve had my 8 SuperGourd colony for about 15 years.”
Bill Brittain, Monroe, MI

“I have bought wooden martin houses in the past, which I found difficult to clean. The metal houses that I bought later had compartments that were too small and had sharp edges. More recently, I bought another brand of plastic gourd that mounted on a telescoping pole. The gourds were not large enough for me and nest checks with the telescoping poles were difficult. I now have a Deluxe Gourd Rack System with 12 SuperGourds and found the system easy to use, do nest checks on, and clean at the end of the season. I am completely satisfied and now feel I have no further need to get anything else.”
R. R., Salisbury, MD

“My colony of martins loves SuperGourds. In fact, I’m slowly replacing my modified natural gourds (access doors and rain canopies) with SuperGourds. SuperGourds are easier for me to deal with and they’re larger than my natural gourds.”
Mary Dawson, Whitmore Lake, MI

“I have 3 pairs of Purple Martins nesting in SuperGourds after 5 years of being unsuccessful with other types of housing.”
James Robinette, Ypsilanti, MI

“I put up 12 SuperGourds this year and had real good luck. I also had a 12-room metal house. I lost a lot of babies from the house. I don’t think I lost any from the gourds. The metal house got too hot and the babies left the nests too early. I’m doing away with the house next year and putting up 12 more SuperGourds.”
Dick Tres, Hopewell, VA

"Our martins had a good year. One reason was the SuperGourds. My colony site consists of a gourd pole with 6 SuperGourds and 6 natural gourds, and a Trio Castle with 3 SuperGourds hung below it.The 9 SuperGourds each had a successful nest and the natural gourds had 5 out of 6. Unfortunately, the castle only had 5 nests, 3 of which failed. As a landlord, I like SuperGourd as much as the martins because they are so easy to maintain. I no longer need to paint and repair natural gourds. Clean-out and nest inspection could not be easier. Next year I plan to convert my colony site to 100% SuperGourds."
Gary Saner, Carrollton, TX

“I am sold on SuperGourds. This is my first year as a martin landlord and my success with them has convinced me to stick with them. The martins love them. The access door and optional insert trap make it easy to change nests and remove trapped House Sparrows and European Starlings. When I do nest checks, the eggs and nestlings are at the extreme back of the gourd, far from the entrance and harm’s way. I know several martin landlords like to grow and prepare natural gourds for martins, however, I prefer the ready-made, easy-to-maintain SuperGourd.”
Jim McIntosh, Farmer’s Branch, TX

Just wanted to let you know that the Purple Martins are off to a good start at our residence for 1999. We have 6 metal houses, 16 plastic Carroll gourds, and 12 plastic SuperGourds. As of May 31, we have 151 eggs and 31 new babies. All the SuperGourds (new this year) are full with eggs or new babies. The Carroll gourds #1 through #8 we cannot reach to do nest checks on. We might replace them next year with all SuperGourds.”
Jay & Lana Pittenger, Sharpsburg, MD

“I purchased 4 SuperGourds to hang beneath my Trio M12-K aluminum martin houses. The gourds are now 100% occupied. Next year I’m going to incorporate several more. I particularly like the durability of the SuperGourd. Last year we had a horrific rain storm that leveled the Trio house with gourds. The aluminum house did not fair that well, but the SuperGourds were up and back in action that same day. I really do support that product.”
Greg T. Hall, Princeton, TX

“I knew the SuperGourds were going to be good, but yesterday when I was doing a nest check I found out really how great they are. One of the gourds was infested with nest mites, the outside of the gourd being covered. I removed the 5 nestlings and placed them in a bucket upon a soft towel and then just took the gourd from the rack. I removed the old infested nest and sprayed the gourd with a water hose rinsing it completely out. I then took a towel, dried it off, inside and out, added fresh nesting material, then replaced the nestlings. I did all of this in a matter of minutes. With a natural gourd I would not have been able to get the same “cleanliness” that I did with the SuperGourd.”
Jace Stansbury, Nederland, TX

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