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Troyer Horizontal Gourd

with Conley II Tunnel
Troyer Horizontal Gourds with Conley II entrances offer built-in hawk, owl, and raccoon protection with their unique horizontal shape and 14-1/2” front-to-back depth. The Conley II Starling-resistant entrance holes also keep out starlings.

The gourds and tunnels are made of high-density polyethylene with UV protection for long life hung out in the sun.

The tunnel is trap-compatible for trapping House Sparrows with the optional Troyer-Haskell Tunnel Trap (THTT).

The extra wide porch on the gourds give martins a place to lounge in the sun and the inner tunnels now have a wing-entrapment guard and traction mat.

Each gourd has an additional perch area with traction on the neck and come with a molded-in, 3/8”, front-to-back hanging hole.

These gourds can be hung from any of the gourd racks we sell on this web site if you choose one of the models with “Troyer” in the name.



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