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Gemini 24-Unit Gourd Rack

(Does Not Include Gourds)
Choose model G24H if you intend to hang gourds that are drilled front-to-back in the upper neck. Choose model G24V if you intend to hang gourds that are drilled side-to-side in the upper neck.

The Gemini features a 16-foot tall, three-inch-square, high-tensile aluminum pole.

The aluminum hub has glide buttons installed to make raising and lowering practically effortless by use of the included winch.

The Gemini has two, 5-foot-diameter rings. Each ring can hold 12 gourds of any brand. You can easily attach gourds with the 24 included GMAs (gourd-mounting arms).

The Gemini rack includes a 2-piece, 16-foot pole, aluminum ground stake, two solid-aluminum 72” top perch rods, ball top, stop pin, safety bolt, 34 feet of 3/16” stainless metal cable, a hub, two complete ring sections, ring supports, and a brake winch. It’s everything except the gourds and cement!

Assembly required.



Choose Gourd Rack Model Based on Direction of Hanging Holes in the Neck of the Gourds you Intend to Hang

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