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AAA 16-Unit Gourd Rack

(Does Not Include Gourds)
Choose model AAA-16H if you intend to hang gourds that are drilled front-to-back in upper neck. Choose model AAA-16V if you intend to hang gourds that are drilled side-to-side in upper neck.

This rack features a 2-inch-square, high-tensile strength aluminum, two-piece pole that is 14 feet tall above the ground when installed. The gourd hub and arms accommodate 16 gourds that raise and lower with a 4-part pulley, nylon rope lanyard system.

This rack will accommodate any vertical-hanging gourds, natural or plastic and now includes 16 aluminum GMAs (gourd hanging arms).

This gourd rack system is absolutely top-of-the-line in construction, materials, and innovative design. It features a four-part pulley system for amazingly easy raising and lowering; an all-aluminum hub with nylon glide tabs for squeak-free operation; eight, high-strength aluminum gourd-mount angle arms pre-drilled with gourd-hanging holes; a polyester rope; an aluminum rope cleat; and a plastic pole cap.

Square poles are superior in strength to customary round martin poles. A square pole also makes it easy to align gourds correctly when raising and lowering.

AAA-16V (Side-to-Side Hanging Holes in Gourd Neck)



Stand-Alone Gourd Rack w/ Pole AAA16

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AAA-16H (Front-to-Back Hanging Holes in Gourd Neck)
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