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120mm SuperGourd

Heavy-Duty Screw-On Caps

Heavy-duty, Universal SuperGourd Caps (SG-CAPHD):

120mm, heavy-duty, threaded, gourd access caps.
Not only do our heavy-duty caps fit all SuperGourds manufactured since our 1997 product inception, but they will also fit Snyder Excluder Gourds, Troyer Vertical Gourds, and Troyer Horizontal Gourds.

Bird Abodes is thrilled to announce its new, 120mm, heavy-duty, threaded, gourd access cap. Unlike similar caps on the market, which are translucent and let sunlight in (believed to discourage nesting Purple Martins and also cause greenhouse-like heat build-up within the gourds), Bird Abodes’ new caps are totally opaque thanks to proper pigmentation in the plastic formulation. Because of the cap’s total opacity, there is no longer a need for a cardboard cap liner, which can mold and curl over time, nor is there a need for an optional black liner. Bird Abodes’ new cap has no liner. It doesn’t need one!

These new caps are also so thick and rugged that they are virtually unbreakable. No more problems with the occasional broken cap during shipping or storage. Impregnated with an abundance of UV inhibitors, these new caps will last just as long exposed to the destructive rays of the sun as the gourds themselves.

These caps are also a work of art, improving the look of any gourd they become mated to. Our caps have closer-spaced grip ribs than our competitor’s caps do, perfectly matching the width of a human thumb and fingers for superior grip. On a SuperGourd, the cap’s side grip ribs beautifully match and compliment the perch ribs on the canopy’s top and also the beefy ribs on our new HD Porches.

All SuperGourds now come standard with these improved caps.


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