SuperGourd Purple Martin Houses
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Purple Martin Houses (Gourds), Racks & Systems

Introducing the SuperGourd!

SuperGourd Purple Martin Gourd
The SuperGourd is the only plastic gourd engineered by an ornithologist specializing in Purple Martins!
  • Available in 3 hole types
  • Molded-in rain canopy/perch
  • UV inhibitors for long life
  • Watertight threaded access cap
  • Hanging holes pre-drilled
  • Large 10-inch diameter
  • Seven drainage holes
  • Weighs 32 ounces
  • Made in the USA
Bird Abode Purple Martin Gourds
Available in three hole styles:
Purple martin gourd rack
Different hole styles for purple martin gourds Purple martin gourds iwth drainage holes
All seven of our Purple Martin Gourd Rack Models raise and lower vertically using pulleys and ropes, or cables and winches.
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